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The “Business” plan

20 requests per month
Do you have your own business or work for yourself and don't have time to solve a whole bunch of crucial tasks on your own? Our professional assistants are ready to help you with this! The plan also includes the ability to connect your assistant and the services of Insurance & Law, PR, SMM and Sales assists.

What does the plan include?*

* We will fulfill all your requests that do not contradict the laws and moral standards.


  • planning and organizing your day
  • search, select, order and deliver anything, anywhere
  • transfer order in any country of the world
  • search any information, for example:
    - search for contacts of enterprises, contractors, managers
    - search for housing, offices, warehouses
    - search for training programs, seminars, workshops
  • assistance in delivery of documents, goods (including international delivery), etc.
  • help with paying utility bills / fines
  • reminders of important events, business meetings
  • congratulations on holidays and search for gifts for birthdays and other holidays for family and colleagues

Business traveling

  • organization of business conferences, business trips
  • organization of corporate tours in any country of the world
  • visa information for any country in the world
  • selection of accommodation
  • organization of transfer to / from the airport
  • booking of air tickets, registration for flights and charters
  • organization of tours
  • car rental
  • creating travel routes: restaurants, attractions
  • support while traveling
  • return of lost luggage

Expert assists

Now your work will be even faster and easier because you can delegate the routine part to us!
  • SMM – for those who want to create interesting content.
  • PR – for those who want to build a strong reputation for their personal brand.
  • Insurance & Law – for those who are interested in legal issues.
  • Sales – for those who want to attract new customers.
Ми виконаємо всі ваші запити, що не суперечать законам та нормам моралі

What is the cost?


1 request per week
A free request for those who want to try out the infocus.assist services and realize that they can't live without it.
try for free

€399 / month

20 request per month
Monthly tariff for those who want 24/7 relief from routine tasks.

€2199 / 6 months

20 request per month
A favorable tariff for six months to use the service for a long time without payment reminders.

Free services of the plan*

Professional assistants for your helper

Yes, you can add your helper free of charge, who will be able to fully use our service's features and request the execution of your or their orders.

SMM assists

For those who want to stay relevant, create interesting content, and promote their personal brand/business on social media.
We will help you find educational resources, tools for creating engaging content, and provide ideas for posts, Stories, and TikTok videos.

PR assists

For those who want to build a strong reputation for their personal brand or business. 
We will help you with partner selection, training materials, informational occasions, as well as with analysis and anti-crisis recommendations for your project.

Sales assists

For those who want to attract new customers and improve sales performance.
We help you find potential customers and partners, analyze competitors, products, and services, create partnership, sales, and appreciation letters, and can recommend educational materials to teach you the art of selling.

Insurance & Law assists

For those who want to understand more about insurance, compensation, and various legal issues.
We know about different types of insurance around the world and will help you with its registration. We can also help you with refunds, compensation, and legal advice.

Why do you need the “Business” plan?


A lawyer, designer, translator, courier, and professional assistants for just €99 per month. It's much more profitable than hiring a separate team of specialists!


All information we receive from you is encrypted, and we do not share it with anyone, even if they insist.


The average time for a manager to process a request is 3 hours*, which you can spend with your family, watch a movie, or go for a walk.

* The time to complete a request depends on its complexity.


We will help you to deal with any issues in our chatbot – 24/7, on weekends and holidays.

Our cases


meetings and events were helped to be organized


users have used the "alarm" and "reminder" services in a year


times we helped to order flowers

30 000+

times we made reservations at restaurants

150 000+

times we found information


times we booked accommodation

Selection of juice bars in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, and Switzerland

Наш користувач планує відкрити бар в Україні, тому попросив нас зробити детальну підбірку найкращих juice барів та місць із безалкогольними коктейлями в топ 10 найбільших містах у вищезазначених країнах. Ми провели масштабне дослідження та зібрали все це в презентацію англійською мовою.

Rating YouTube videos

Наш постійний і дуже талановитий користувач знайшов нове захоплення — знімати відео для YouTube. Він звернувся до нас із досить незвичним проханням — переглянути його творіння й оцінити його творчість чесно й безпристрасно. Що ми й зробили!

20 tons of chicken feet

Знайти постачальників 20 тонн курячих лапок в Україні, Білорусі, Казахстані, країнах ЄС та Китаї, а потім ще й потенційних покупців — ще одне завдання, з яким наші фахівці впоралися на відмінно.

Selection of juice bars in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, and Switzerland

Our user plans to open a bar in Ukraine, so he asked us to make a detailed compilation of the best juice bars and places with non-alcoholic cocktails in the top 10 cities in the countries mentioned above. We conducted large-scale research and put it all together in a presentation in English.

YouTube videos

Our regular and very talented user has found a new hobby – making YouTube videos. He turned to us with a pretty unusual request – to review his creations and evaluate his work honestly and dispassionately. And that's what we did!

20 tons
of chicken feet

To find suppliers of 20 tons of chicken feet in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the EU, and China, and then potential buyers is another task that our specialists have coped with perfectly.

How to connect infocus.assist?

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Any questions?

Contact the infocus.assist
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+38 044 330 00 44
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